The Best Way to Salt a Steak (feat. Sarah Windsor)


Salt makes the culinary world go around. There’s no ignoring that fact. But home cooks often use too little because they are afraid of making food salty.

This is probably too much salt . . . . probably

When added at the appropriate time, salt doesn’t make things salty, it makes the flavors of the food stand out more. It’s like adjusting the sharpness on your monitor. (It does this by basically electrifying your tastebuds to make them more sensitive).

A lot of recipes don’t really help the matter when they tell you to “salt to taste”. Super unhelpful when 1) you don’t know what the finished dish should taste like and 2) it contains something you don’t necessarily want to eat raw.

And you do have to salt raw things, not just the finished dish. If you have an hour or more to go before you cook meat, go ahead and salt it generously and let it sit uncovered in the fridge. The salt will draw out moisture, dissolve in the moisture, and then be reabsorbed by the meat. This flavors the inside and dries out the outside for enhanced browning.

So how much salt should you use on a raw steak? Quite a bit. Until it looks about like my friend Sarah here after her trip across a parking lot.

She’s a well-seasoned writer

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