Poke has more evolutionary forms than an Eevee, check out one of them here.

Food is Love

It had been 359 days since I last posted here. Those who know me in meatspace know why the hiatus has been long (#Hook’em), but I always intended on returning to this space.

I wish it were under happier circumstances.

Why the keto diet makes me angry

So this is quite a change from the decadent cupcakes I posted about last month. For various reasons (vacation snaps were a non-zero factor) I finally got serious about getting in shape. This past month has been very successful for me in terms of both diet and beginning a strength training program. I have to…

Birthday Cupcakes for Me! And the magic of Googly Eyes

This isn’t something I made, this is something my husband made for me! He found these great sugar eyes that turned these cupcakes into muppety little critters. Most of the cupcakes were eaten after lunch, but there were a few left over. Since we still had things to do the two leftover cupcakes were put…

An Easy Recipe for Sensual Roast Chicken

Sure, a chateaubriand or prime rib for two is a romantic meal. And lobster is as decadent and indulgent as a seabug can get. But for my money (and this isn’t a meal that requires a lot) you can’t get more sensual than a roast chicken.

Perhaps the Perfect Fusion Food: How to Make Cheeseburger Tacos

Whether or not a taco is a sandwich (according to both Colin and the New York State Tax Board – no, it is not), it fills the same gastronomical niche – a baked dough used to hold a variety of fillings and spreads and generally eaten with ones’ hands. This recipe fuses together two iconic…

How to Make Sunshine on a Cloudy Day (Cooked Seven Minute Frosting)

Here’s the DLC to the entry for white cake cupcakes. This is also where I flipped my Kool-aid (or at least spiked a cupcake into a bowlful of icing in a fit of frustration). But don’t let that scare you! Seven minute frosting¬† is actually not that hard. Just avoid the bone-headed mistake I made….

How to Make Sunshine on a Cloudy Day (White Cake Recipe)

I know, I know. It’s an awfully twee cupcake. But it has been grey and rainy here in the lonestar state and I wanted something unashamedly cheerful. And I ended up with something that looks a lot like Care-A-Lot (it’s where the Care Bears are from and holy merde I literally only just now got…